5 Easy mindfulness exercises for kids

5 Easy Mindfulness Exercises
For Kids


Learning mindfulness at an early age can definitely be one of the best gifts for young people of all ages. Especially as they navigate the tricky changes that come with growing up. From dealing with pressures at school, homework and exams, to discovering their emerging identities, and exploring friendships and peer groups, these 5 easy mindfulness exercises for kids can be a wonderful way to help them feel happier and more confident.

5 Easy mindfulness exercises for kids, 5 Easy mindfulness exercises for kids, MindPanda

Try these 5 easy mindfulness exercises for kids

Mindful breathing

One of the simplest and most powerful mindfulness exercises for kids. Mindful breathing is the perfect way to begin to connect with the benefits of meditation.

Mindful breathing can be a great tool to promote calmness, especially when feeling stressed, anxious or upset.

A simple way to teach and practice this is by encouraging children to sit or stand in a comfortable position, close their eyes, and begin to notice how their breath feels. Directions such as noticing if their breath tickles their nostrils, flutters in the belly, or other parts of their body, can be a great way to start.

As they start to pay attention, you can also add counting the breath. Such as breathing in and out for a 5-count.

Mindful eating

While meal times can often be a battleground with children, adding a mindfulness practice to the dinner table can make it a novel experience.

It’s often better to start small and simple. With a simple snack such as fruit, encourage children to investigate the many different sensations they can experience – from the colours, shapes and textures they encounter, to the smells, tastes and feeling of eating and drinking something.

To add an extra dimension of focus and attention, you can even try doing this blindfolded. This can be a fun and enjoyable way to discover surprising things about everyday foods!

Mindful colouring

Perfect for children of all ages, mindful colouring is the ideal rainy day mindfulness activity.
While many children enjoy colouring activities, you can use this to explore more mindfulness and creativity every day, by encouraging them to pay attention to the colours they choose, and how they feel.

A great to do is by inviting them to choose colours that reflect their feelings and emotions.
This can be a helpful way to encourage children to express their emotions in a safe and guided way.

5 Easy mindfulness exercises for kids, 5 Easy mindfulness exercises for kids, MindPanda

Mindful walking

As the weather improves, why not mix up your mindfulness exercises for kids with a simple mindful walking practice?

Mindful walking can be a lovely way to encourage more attentiveness and awareness to our environment. A great way to begin to explore this is by taking outdoor walks. It encourages children to explore and be curious about the sights, sounds, smells and experiences they encounter as they walk. Encourage periods of silence, where children are invited to pay attention, imagine and day dream.

It’s worth starting small, to encourage building attention and awareness skills over time – try shorter walks on a regular basis, before going on to longer sessions.

Mindful guided meditations

Guided mediations can be a great way to relax. Especially for children who are experiencing difficulty in winding down.

Simple and uncomplicated guided meditations often work the best, such as those featuring easy to follow instructions, or relaxing music.

Exploring guided meditations together can also be great to practice mindfulness together. It can be used to establish a daily routine. Why not try choosing a daily guided mindfulness meditation that can be practiced every evening, to help create an atmosphere of calmness and relaxation before bed time?

We hope we found some useful exercises to help your young ones practice mindfulness. Please comment below the techniques that have helped you. 

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