Mindfulness Stress Balls



  • Mindfulness, Positivity, Gratitude
  • Surrounded by inspiring affirmations
  • Aromatherapy infused
  • Soft, Medium, Hard.
  • Smooth Lycra Coating
  • Relaxing TPR Gel


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Life can catch us of guard and we forget some of they good habits we practice, but all we need sometimes is a simple reminder to change the course of our day. Our Mindfulness stress balls are designed to keep you in a great state all day, every day!

  • Mindfulness – Staying present can be tricky. Surrounded by calming words, the mindfulness ball will remind you to breathe and stay focused.
  • Positivity – Happiness is within all of us, we just have to remember its there. This ball will help you remember to smile, dream big and stay positive.
  • Gratitude – Negative thoughts can’t occupy a grateful mind.  This ball is designed to remind you of the blessings you have throughout your day.
  • Aromatherapy – Aroma’s can help relax the mind and help you to stay focused. Each ball is infused with its own unique aroma for that aromatherapy relaxation. ( Jasmine, Lemon, Lavender )
  • Different Strengths – We know that sometimes you want a hard squeeze for those tense moments, and sometimes you just want to squeeze something nice and squidgy.  We’ve got you covered. Each ball has its own level of firmness ( soft medium hard ) to suite every squeeze
  • Comes with a free guide booklet containing fun game ideas

Product Info

  • Filled with a soft TPR gel
  • Smooth lycra coating
  • Coated with relaxing aromas such as Jasmine, lemon & rosemary
  • BPA & Latex free

Additional information

Weight320 kg
Dimensions7 × 7 × 21 cm