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Mindfulness Stress Balls

Mindfulness Gifts


Looking for that perfect little reminder?


Challenge yourself to a month Remind yourself to stay in great state of mind all day with our Mindfulness Stress Balls.  

30 Days Of Mindfulness

Mindfulness card pack


Are you up for the challenge?

Challenge yourself to a month of Meditation, 
Gratitude, Journaling and daily mindfulness exercises.

New Products Coming Soon

We are currently developing new and exiting products to help you practice mindfulness in fun and exiting ways.

In the coming months we will be launching learning packs for children and adults along with fun games for the family and other fun trinkets.

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Master your thinking habits.

Begin to understand your stressors and how they impact you life. With this insightful E-Book you will learn how to deal with stress in a healthy way that’s good for your mind and body

Get your hands on your FREE E-Book and mindful colouring PDF today. We have a range of downloads and printable material to help you on your mindfulness journey. Whether you are looking for some guided meditations,  fun activities to pass the time or you are teacher looking to print of some helpful resources for your class. We have you covered!