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Stress Balls for teens

The Best Stress Ball – Much More That Just A Stress Reliever

How Stress Balls Can Help You To Juggle Your Life What are the stress factors in your life? Maybe your upstairs neighbours are keeping fit during lockdown with Zumba videos on YouTube. Maybe you’ve had a lifetime’s worth of Zoom calls with kids and pets bouncing round in the background. Or maybe it’s just the common garden variety of stress from balancing family, work and home. Whatever makes you feel tense, stress balls can help. If you haven’t got one to hand, why not try this? Clench your fist, really tight. Feel your fingernails on your skin. Notice what your

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Looking For The Perfect Gift?

Mindfulness Gifts for Relaxation & Wellbeing

What could be more valuable than relaxation and personal wellbeing? Let’s face it, most people in the UK have got a lot of ‘stuff’ already. And every Christmas and birthday, it gets harder to come up with great present ideas.

Why not try mindfulness gifts this year?

It’ll help you to refocus your attention on what you value most.

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