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Remote Working
Work Mindfulness

5 Tips For Remote Working – Guest Blog

It seems daunting, but remote working isn’t something to be scared about folks. For one the commute to the new office is a breeze, and there’s a great coffee place on-site, but it isn’t all iced lattes and pj’s, it can cause some serious mental fatigue. We all have a new routine. And that isn’t easy. We have to be more diligent with our time and tasks, all while throwing a ball to the dog or balancing a screaming toddler on your hip. Or even maybe just working at home with your partner is proving a challenge. We aren’t used

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Looking For The Perfect Gift?

Mindfulness Gifts for Relaxation & Wellbeing

What could be more valuable than relaxation and personal wellbeing? Let’s face it, most people in the UK have got a lot of ‘stuff’ already. And every Christmas and birthday, it gets harder to come up with great present ideas.

Why not try mindfulness gifts this year?

It’ll help you to refocus your attention on what you value most.

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