How To Meditate In Under 2 Minutes

Practicing meditation can be a great way to help enjoy a greater sense of calm, focus and wellbeing every day – and the good news is, you can enjoy these benefits with just a short daily practice. First time practitioners often approach us with statements like “i just don’t have time to meditate every day”. Meditation is more about quality rather than quantity, so if you are one of these people, we have some good news for you.  It’s possible to meditate in under 2 minutes! And here’s how.

Focus on your breath

Focusing on your breathing is a simple but powerful technique, that is a great way to meditate in under 2 minutes. Especially when you are out in public or have a busy day. Bring a little extra calm to your mind, by stopping any other activities you are doing, and pausing to pay attention to your breath.

Start by feeling the pace of your inhale and exhale, noticing if it feels fast or slow. Without worrying about trying to control it, pay as much attention to how your breath feels in your body as possible. Perhaps you will notice how your chest or stomach moves as you breath.

As you focus, allow your breath to gently slow down. If you feel comfortable, you can also begin to time your breath. Breathing in for a set number and breathing out for a set number. Work with what feels comfortable and notice that as your breath becomes more focused, calmness begins to spread throughout.

How to meditate in under 2 minutes

Practice awareness

This meditation is ideal for commuters, and a great way of bringing calm during that hectic rush-hour journey. Instead of trying to close yourself off in a bubble of headphones and music, try to bring as much mindful awareness as possible to your surroundings.

You can work on practicing awareness in small steps. A simple, visual technique to begin with, is noticing the different shapes, colours and sights that pass you by, without trying to hold on to them in anyway. As your bus, taxi or train moves through your environment, bring as much focus as you can to just seeing the many different sights that move through, noticing the feeling of change and transition.

Body scan meditation

Another great technique to meditate in under 2 minutes, is the simple body scan. This works by bringing mindful attention to each part of your body in the moment, noticing how and what you feel, before moving on to the next part. You can do this in any position, and in any place, spending as much, or as little time as you like on each part.

Start from the top of your head, noticing what you feel within your body as you work your way down. Don’t forget the smaller, subtle parts, such as your fingertips or joints, moving all the way down to the parts in contact with the ground. Don’t worry if you can’t notice or feel anything specific, or if you don’t know how to label a particular sensation. Simply bringing your attention to a focused part, before moving on, can have a profound, calming and grounding impact.


 “Meditation is more about quality rather that quantity”.  This is not to say that you should reduce your meditation time to 2 minutes each day. However its common come out of a 20 minute silent meditation where all you have done is think about your work for 20 minutes straight. What we mean by this is that you can still re-centre yourself, quite your mind and become more present if your 2 minutes is met with intention. 

What are your go-to meditation techniques when you’re in a hurry?

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