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Slow Living: Letting Go with the MindPanda Stress Ball

Slow Living is a mindful practice that encourages us to reduce our attachment to both material possessions and people. Often, our suffering arises when these attachments inevitably shift or vanish. In my practice as a counselor, this is a difficult concept to understand. There are times when it is helpful to provide my clients with an easily accessible example, and this is where the MindPanda stress ball plays a helpful role.

As a counselor, I understand this clinging concept can be challenging. Sometimes, providing clients with a relatable example can help put them on the path toward understanding. Enter the MindPanda stress ball, a simple yet powerful tool.

I think many people believe stress relief comes from tightly squeezing the object until those intense feelings begin to dissipate, but the relief really comes from letting go. Picture yourself gripping something tightly, such as a MindPanda stress ball, squeezing harder and harder until exhaustion sets in. It’s only when we release that tension—when we take that breath and let go—that relief floods in. This technique heightens our awareness of physical sensations and their connection to emotional responses. While therapeutic discussions are valuable during sessions, it’s the practice outside the office that truly fosters change.

Follow these steps for tension and stress relief

  1. Pick up your stress ball and feel its weight in your hands.
  2. Visualize the ball as representing something in your life that causes you suffering or distress.
  3. Squeeze the ball tightly, just as you might be holding onto something positive that has now become a concern.
  4. Focus on the tightness in your hand, feeling it travel up your arm, into your shoulder, neck, and face.
  5. Release your grip on both the ball and whatever may be troubling you.
  6. Take a deep breath and reflect on the comfort that gradually seeps into your muscles, your breath, and the shift in your emotions.

Remember, this exercise can help you let go of tension and find a sense of relief.

Even though this practice is symbolic, it mirrors the changes we seek in our lives. Are we clutching too tightly to worries about finances, relationships, or seemingly crucial daily routines? Consider the stress ball as a representation of these ideas, squeeze tightly, and then release it. Our imagination, often underutilized, becomes a powerful tool for wellness. Sometimes, even the fantasy of letting go can move us forward in life.

Allow me to share a short story about letting go. Imagine a child reaching into a vase to retrieve a coin. No matter how hard the child pulls, their tightly clenched fist remains trapped while holding onto the coin. Only when they finally let go does freedom arrive. This is the essence of practicing release. Clasp the stress ball as tightly as you might cling to aspects of your life, and then observe the transformation in your emotions, tension, heart rate, and breath as you release it, and see if this practice can become a part of daily life.

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Author – Daniel Wysocki Ed.S.
BIO – Wysocki Psychological Services in Jonesboro, Arkansas (

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