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Mindfulness Wellbeing Bundle



The all-in-one solution to a better mental health…

 Banish stress & anxiety, find your inner calm. 

 Build long-lasting healthy habits.

 Mindfulness prompts build mindful habits. 

 Sharpen your focus & mental clarity.

✔ Achieve Mindful Balance – This comprehensive starter pack includes everything you need to prioritize your well-being and find inner calm. Get the best of both worlds with our premium quality scented stress balls, daily planner and month of mindfulness pack.

✔ Keep Your Mind & Body in Sync – Our stress balls are infused with essential oils that provide a calming aroma to help you unwind and let go of stress. Use them throughout the day to maintain focus and clarity.

✔ Organise Your Life with Ease – Our daily planner is designed to help you prioritise your to-do list while also encouraging positive habits and self-care. Stay on track with a monthly, weekly and daily layout.

✔ Experience Mindful Living – Our month of mindfulness pack contains 35 double-layered cards with a variety of mindfulness exercises suitable for all levels. Use them to connect with yourself, friends and family.

✔ The Perfect Thoughtful Gift – Just picture receiving a gift that inspires happier thinking, smells delightful, and helps you enjoy a little relaxation & stress relief. Go on! Gift with thought this year.

Mindfulness wellbeing bundle, MindPandaMindful Therapy Stress Balls – A slice of mindfulness in your palm

  • 3x premium gel stress balls
  • Infused with relaxing essential oils
  • Varying strengths – soft, medium & firm
  • Safe storage gift box. 

Mindfulness wellbeing bundle, MindPandaDaily Mindfulness To Do Planner – Destress, Re-energise & stay motivated

  • Premium quality daily planner
  • Track healthy habits and prioritise your wellbeing
  • Additional space for notes and daily to do’s

Mindfulness wellbeing bundle, MindPanda30 Days of Mindfulness – Build long-lasting, healthy habits

  • 35 daily mindfulness exercises.
  • Discover what works best for you
  • Journaling prompts with journal included

Mindfulness Stress Balls –

  • 3x premium gel stress balls & gift package. 
  • Soft TPR Gel Core with a smooth fabric coating. 
  • Biodegradable core & fully recyclable.
  • Three different strengths to suit every mood & squeeze
  • Infused with relaxing essential oils.
  • Care instructions included.
  • Hand Exercise leaflet included.
  • BPA FREE – Non Toxic

Mindfulness Planner –

  • 120 GSM premium coated white paper
  • 150 GSM double coated textured cover 
  • 65 sheets
  • 130 pages 

Space For

    • Notes
    • Daily To Do List
    • Creativity & drawing
    • Wellbeing tracker
    • Meal tracking
    • Daily affirmations 

30 Days of Mindfulness –

 35 soft touch laminate cards

  • Magnetic gift packaging
  • 30 day daily journal
  • Instruction booklet

5-10 minute exercises each day that explore different mindfulness practices, meditation, journaling and more.

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Whats Included?

Reflect Guided journal


Mindfulness Stress balls


Calm Atmosphere mist




Whats Included?

Reflect Guided journal


Mindfulness Stress Balls


Calm Atmosphere Mist




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Mindfulness wellbeing bundle, MindPanda

Trusted by Industry Leaders


Joel Allen
Amazing Product
Read More
Great product different strengths which is great and little pick me up messages delivered in a nice box.
Melissa Silva
Soo Much joy!
Read More
I am so happy with this product and its brought me so much joy. Completely recommend these and would buy again.
Bryan Sullivan
Great Buy!
Read More
I have high anxiety, problems with anger, ADHD and these help me relax and stay focused
Chrissie T
Beautifully Made
Read More
These are absolutely beautifully made - very high quality, I love the colours, and texture of the material.
Very impressed.
Read More
Great Buy! Definitely help me to concentrate more and the relaxing scents help to clear my mind.

Experience more & pay less with our bundle offers.


Absolutely not. Essential oils are injected into the gel core of the stress ball and therefor will never come off on your hands. 

Yes, Each ball can be used in water. 

However we advise not to soak in water for any prolonged period of time as this may affect the aromatherapy features of the ball. We also advise to allow each ball to dry completely before use to ensure the printing on each ball is not affected. 

Unfortunately we do not have an aromatherapy free option at present. However we are working on this. 

However, you can easily remove the essential oils from your stress balls by following the below process. 

Allow your balls to steep in water for 2-3 hours. Remove your balls from the water and allow to sit in fresh air or next to a window until completely dry. 

NOTE – Do not hand dry or dry with a cloth as this may affect the printing. 

Ofcourse! We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. 

Please refer to our refund policy for more information.

Easy! To clean your MindPanda stress balls, simply soak them in light, soapy water. Gently massage your fingers over each ball and rise thoroughly. 

NOTE- Do not use your nails or abrasive sponges to clean your balls. 

No. Each set comes in 3 different levels of firmness. Soft – Medium – Hard

Someone somewhere has an allergy to something. 

But we use organic materials and Hypoallergenic essential oils to make sure our products are as safe a possible for everyone. 

We use pure essential oils on our stress balls which we inject directly into the gel core of the stress ball. This helps the balls maintain their fragrance for several years and prevents any oily texture on the surface of the balls.  

Typically, MindPand stress balls can stay as good as new for several years (3-5 Years). 

However, like most things, they need a little TLC. If you abuse your product and allow your dog to chew them, then they may not last this long. 

We include care instructions with each set to help you get the most out of your purchase.  basically, if you treat them like you would you iphone, and store them after use. They will last a lifetime. 

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