Mindfulness Starter pack

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$40.64 $33.86

  • ✅THE FULL PACKAGE – Your Mindfulness Starter Pack contains 35 double layer soft touch cards that guide you through a range of mindfulness activities, meditation, light Yoga and empowering self-care exercises. Accompanied by our best selling Mindfulness Stress Balls to help make your practice a habit.
  • 💙 THE PERFECT HABIT BUILDER – Each of our Mindfulness Stress Balls have their own theme, Mindfulness, positivity and gratitude to help you build long lasting habits. Each ball is accompanied with its own unique aroma.  
  • 🧠EMPOWER YOURSELF – Every Day Is Different Pick one card from the top of the pile to unlock your task for that day. Learn to connect more with yourself, friends and family.
  • ✅RECOMMENDED BY HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS – 30 Days of Mindfulness course is already in use by healthcare professionals, Schools and counsellors across the country. A natural way of managing stress.
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧1 PACK UNLIMITED USES – Designed so that you can use it with the whole family, with a spouse or in the classroom. Simply get in touch and we will send you all the required worksheets.

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