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Dive in and chill out with some of the MindPanda Guided Meditations

Here at MindPanda we try to give you as many free resources as possible to help with your mindfulness practice. Thats why we will be launching an additional 50 FREE MindPanda guided meditations over the month of August.

So pin this page and check back soon.

While you are here, take a moment, pick a meditation audio that suits for you right now and take some time for you. We all have to be kinder to ourselves and right now is the best time to have a little mindful moment for yourself.


All our MindPanda Guided meditations are available on Soundcloud and will soon be on Spotify.

Looking for some more resources? Check out our page that we have specially selected some fantastic mindfulness based media just for you! 

Carry on your MindPanda journey by following the links below!


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