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Blog, Blog, MindPanda

8 Easy & Effective Breathing Exercises (for kids and adults)

In Western cultures, many people take for granted the healing power of breathing exercises. We rely too much on pharmaceuticals as remedies and ignore the preventative ‘medicine’ of simple breathing exercises. In the last few decades, Western cultures have adopted eastern philosophies such as yoga and meditation for stress relief. And the results speak for themselves. This article will look at how breathing exercises help with a wide range of conditions and the importance of taking time out for yourself. What are Breathing Exercises? Breathing exercises take many forms, but most people relate breathing exercises with mindfulness and meditation. No matter what

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Looking For The Perfect Gift?

Mindfulness Gifts for Relaxation & Wellbeing

What could be more valuable than relaxation and personal wellbeing? Let’s face it, most people in the UK have got a lot of ‘stuff’ already. And every Christmas and birthday, it gets harder to come up with great present ideas.

Why not try mindfulness gifts this year?

It’ll help you to refocus your attention on what you value most.

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