Mindful Home – A Stay At Home Survival Guide

Mindful home Survival Guide.

A mindful home is a happy home. Who would have guessed that 2020 would witness a pandemic? Countries across the world are under lockdown and daily life has changed rapidly. Some of us are sharing close quarters with family or flatmates. Others are feeling the chill of social distancing. Mindfulness can help us cope with these changes more easily. So welcome to the stay-at-home survival guide for creating a more mindful home.

Mindfulness is a simple form of meditation. It focuses on awareness of the present moment. A typical meditation consists of focusing your full attention on your breath as it flows in and out of your body. This allows you to observe your thoughts and gradually become more at peace with them. Thoughts and feelings are transient after all. They come and they go, and you have a choice of whether to act on them.

Meditation at home doesn’t mean learning the lotus position. There are lots of ways to create a mindful home. Here are a few ideas to help you build healthy new routines.

Mindful Home: Mornings

Whether you’re working from home or catching some quiet time before the kids wake up, try to find a few minutes for a morning meditation. We have lots of free resources that can guide you through the process.

Mindful Home: Movement

Getting down to the housework (or the gardening)? Turn off the autopilot and notice how you’re breathing. Fast or slow, deep or shallow – how does it feel? Notice how your clothes feel on your skin and the sensations of water or earth, depending on your activity. If you’re in the garden, can you smell the roses? Focusing on your senses will boost your awareness of your surroundings and feelings.

Mindful Home: Workouts

Yoga is the ultimate mindful workout, focusing on your breath as you move. If you’re taking your daily exercise outside, a mindful walk can be beneficial too.

Mindful Home: Parenting

We all want to spend more quality time with our kids. Well, it looks like our wish came true. Spend some time giving your child your undivided attention – it’s the best gift you can offer them. If you feel stressed or overwhelmed, take a minute to take some calming breaths. Simply breathe deeply (from the diaphragm) and count to three as you breathe in. Pause for a moment and breathe out to a count of four. Repeat five times and notice the difference.

Mindful Home: Routines

It can be hard to keep track of time or date when your normal schedule has been wiped away. Put thought into a new routine and post it on your fridge. It’ll help to restore a sense of normality and calm.

You may like to create a quiet space in your bedroom, just for meditation at home. This will give you somewhere to retreat to – or to share with your kids.

Mindful Home: Conversations

Although social distancing is the topic of the month, it doesn’t have to mean emotional distancing. Nurture your relationships through regular phone and video calls. This can help you to feel anchored and safe. Perspective is a building block of resilience, so try to stay away from negative social media and unnecessary panic. This too shall pass.

Stay tuned for more blog posts to help you cope with the coronavirus crisis. What’s working best for you? And what are your challenges with creating a mindful home? Please let us know in the comments below – we’d love to know. And we’ll try to help,

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