About MindPanda

How It all Started

April 2017

How Mindpanda started

As a young Scottish family practicing mindfulness and meditation, we found it difficult to cultivate mindful living throughout our busy day. 

We put our heads together to come up with something physical that we could take with us to work, or school that would remind us to stay present and grateful for what we had.

In March 2017, our youngest came up with the great idea for our MindPanda Mindfulness Stress balls!

These worked so well that we were asked by some of our local schools and friends who loved the idea if we could make more for them.

So we decided we would let everyone in on our little reminders.  

And we wont stop there 🤓.

How Mindpanda started
Mindpanda whats next

Whats Next

Mindpanda whats next

As simple as mindfulness is.  It’s not the easiest habit incorporate into our daily lives. 

If you have ever tried meditating it can be ironically irritating to begin with.  “Am i doing this right? I cant stop thinking 🤯. Has that only been 2 minutes 😵” .

We have all been there and it can be frustrating…..try then teaching your young ones.  “Oh my days 😨

This led us to creating our “30 Days of Mindfulness” MindPanda pack which will be available in July 2019. This pack was designed to walk people through a whole month of different mindfulness exercises. journaling, gratitude exercises and meditation. 

From here we will be launching more packs for all age ranges, Mindful journals and more fun toys and games for the whole f

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Our Mission

No Mobiles mindfulness

The mindfulness community has grown rapidly over the past 5 years.  There are now hundreds of people and apps out there spreading these amazing techniques and we love it! 

The more people there are spreading the love the more people will learn the amazing benefits of being still and listening to whats going on inside.

Our goal is to create easier and more effective ways of learning mindfulness. 

Mindfulness is about appreciation for the present moment. And as much as we all love our little magic devices we carry around with us each day, they are the biggest culprit for taking us out of the moment. 

We found it to be counter productive to take that 10 minute guided meditation on our mobiles, only to close the app and be distracted with 101 notifications and flashy social media icons.

Thats why our Mindpanda Mission is to give our customers a more mindful experience when practicing mindfulness.

That is why will continue to provide our customers with more tools and courses to help you learn and improve your own mindfulness practice away from all distractions. 

No Mobiles mindfulness

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