Feel the


MindPanda Stress Ball

Feel the


MindPanda Stress Ball
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Calm Minds Achieve great things

Learn how meditation and mindfulness can help you achieve:

  • Increased happiness
  • Reduced Stress & anxiety
  • Emotional stability
  • Crystal Clear focus
  • Increased compassion

Try our mindfulness stress balls

Its easy to get distracted during your day to day tasks!

Our Mindfulness Stress Balls are designed to help you stay mindful, grateful and in a positive frame of mind throughout your day.

“All it takes is a simple reminder to change your day”

Mindfulness Stress Balls
FREE Mindfulness resources

Free Mindfulness resources

Here at MindPanda we know it can be a drag scouring the internet for resources.

Which is why we offer a wide range of free material to help you learn, practice or teach!

Whether your a parent or teacher looking for some fun games, learning material or colouring exercises….we have you covered 👌

Mindful in schools

Bringing Mindfulness to schools

We Believe that mindfulness should be taught from a young age, which is why we have helped over 100 UK Schools teach mindfulness in fun and exiting ways.

At increasingly younger ages, kids are facing higher levels of stress and anxiety which could significantly take its toll on their mental health.  Mindfulness techniques have been proven to :

  • Reduce social anxiety
  • Increase focus
  • Increase peer awareness
  • Reduce hyperactivity